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Titlu: The Forbidden Path Of Late Greek Thinking. Meontology And Meontological Difference In Damascius’ De Principiis

Abstract: This essay aims at revealing the meontological foundations of late neoplatonic thinking in the ineffable, yet unsurpassable, difference between the first principle and the ontological and ontic domains it originates from. This line of thinking, explicitly “forbidden” by the Greek philosopher Parmenides, can give us a hint on how we can study the non-judicative experiences of everyday life in a philosophical manner that uses the idea of “meontological difference”. I will argue that the concept of “meontological difference”, as it can be drawn out from the writings of Damascius, provides us with the possibility of interpreting the ineffable and the unknowable, in connection with a pre-existing conceptual context.

Keywords: Damascius, meontology, non-judicative, ineffable, epistemology, pre-judicative hermeneutics

Publicația: Revue Roumaine de Philosophie, Tome 61, nr. 1/2017, Editura Academiei Române, București

Anul Publicării: 2017