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Titlu: Nimicul și categorialitatea – Perspectivă fenomenologică asupra
delimitării nimicului

Abstract: In this essay, I deal with the problem of nothingness (or non-being) and with it’s way of entering the human consciousness. The first hypostasis of the phenomenon of nothingness is the Aristotelian undefined substance (οὐσία), which is reached through authentic philosophical interrogation. But, for this to be possible, we must assume a pre-discursive and pre-categorial way of grasping the phenomenon of nothingness, which I have called “unspoken consent”, after the suggestion given by Damascius in his work Difficulties and Solutions of the First Principles. This “unspoken consent” reaches human emotion and is the way the “mood for philosophical research” emerges in the human soul. In this way, I try to sketch the logic and syntax of nothingness in a phenomenological manner, so that it can lay the foundations of a systematic meontological system of approaching metaphysics.

Keywords: non-being, meontology, nothing, categories, metaphysics

Publicația: Studii de teoria categoriilor, Vol. VII, Editura Academiei Române, București

Anul Publicării: 2015