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Titlu: De-constituirea actului interogator și pre-judicativul. Prolegomene la o teorie a afectivității

Abstract: In this essay I aim to analyse the main components of the interrogative act and to reduce them to their existential meanings by ways of hermeneutical de-constitution. Thus, I link the interrogative act to its affective and emotional foundations, so that a new theory of affectivity, based on meontological foundations, can emerge. As I will argue, every kind of interrogative act has its starting point in an existential and cognitive need that must be fulfilled and which, as a need, can be viewed in terms of a “lack” or “deficiency” in our own being. In this “interrogative logic,” the deficiency which originates the questioning can be understood as a kind of non-being, a strange element in the ontological constitution of the human being which has its own laws of manifestations. The emotional and affective domain of the human psyche is originated by this non-being which manifests itself by ways of a multitude of instances and can be viewed as the cornerstone of a new theory of human affectivity.

Keywords: interrogational logic, affectivity, meontology, de-constitution, pre-judicative

Publicația: Studii în hermeneutica pre-judicativă și meontologie, Vol. 1, Editura Universității din București

Anul Publicării: 2016