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Titlu: Categorii interogative și categorii verbale la Aristotel. Interpretare „Morfologică”

Abstract: In this study I tackle the problem of the systematic character of Aristotle’s table of categories and their existential origin. My aim is to show that the ten categories can be reduced “morphologically” to a unitary existential aporetic horizon in which the theoretic attitude and the praxiologic one are intertwined at a pre-judicative level. In this way, we can gain a new phenomenological way of interpreting Aristotle’s logical writings and to view it as the basis of his metaphysics and ethics.

Keywords: Phenomenology, Meontology, Logic, Categories, Prejudicative

Publicația: Studii de teoria categoriilor, Vol. VIII, Editura Academiei Române, București

Anul Publicării: 2016