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Titlu: De la virtus dei la inteligență artificială. Schiță pentru o meontologie a virtualului

Abstract:In this study I sketch the possibility of developing a meontological approach to the concept of virtuality starting from the history of philosophy. In this endeavor I make a brief foray into the development of the concept of virtuality, starting from its etymological roots in the classical Roman concept of virtue (virtus), and its influence on the Christian philosophy of the Middle Ages. I analyze the biblical concept of the “power of God” (virtus Dei) and its philosophical thematization in the works of Thomas Aquinas, which gave birth to the first philosophical concept of virtuality, intending to determine the relation of the virtual beings with the actual ones and, as a consequence, the relation of virtuality with corporality. The results of this analysis are put in the context of the discussion around the concept of “flesh” in Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy, in order to explore a deeper, primordial meaning of virtuality and the possibility of a factual incarnation of digital virtuality in contemporary existence, as a general self-conscious artificial intelligence entity.

Keywords: meontology, virtuality, general artificial intelligence, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Thomas Aquinas, Christian philosophy

Publicația: Studii în Hermeneutica Pre-judicativă și Meontologie, vol. VII, Bucharest University Press, Bucharest, 2023

Anul Publicării: 2023