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Titlu: Conceptul de „vreme” la Mircea Vulcănescu. Reconstrucție

Abstract: This study aims to define Mircea Vulcănescu’s concept of time (rom. vreme) in a phenomenological manner. In this way, the concept will gain its place in Vulcănescu’s metaphysical system and its relations with other important concepts will be sketched out, so their interdependence can be noticed. By doing so, I want to indicate a path of systematical reconstruction through which Vulcănescu’s conception of the “Romanian soul” can be better understood in the light of contemporary philosophy’s hermeneutical method. I will argue that the concept of time has its roots in the “architecture” of the human soul, viewed as a hierarchy of historical temptations (rom. ispite) and that, thus, it is placed in the very center of the philosopher’s thought.

Keywords: phenomenology, time, reconstruction, Romanian soul, metaphysics

Publicația: Hermeneutica Ideii de Filosofie Românească, Editura Academiei Române, București

Anul Publicării: 2015