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Titlu: Conceptul de experiență și discursul despre non-judicativ. Către o meontologie a experienței

Abstract: This study aims at foreshadowing a concept of experience that can account for the way we experience the nonjudicative and show the reasons why the discourse about the nonjudicative fails to grasp it as an object or objectuality, and, at the same time, consents it in an ineffable way. In order to reveal such a concept, firstly I analyse the main ontic and ontological notions of experience as they appear in the history of philosophy, starting with the empiric tradition (John Locke, David Hume), continuing with Immanuel Kant, G.F.W. Hegel and H.-G. Gadamer. As I argue, although these conceptions refer to different ontological domains, they share one main feature: experience suspends the boundaries of the different domains and transgresses it, de-constituting its objects. Thus, we reveal the agonal character of experience in general, that confronts the objects of a domain with the ineffability of the nonjudicative and, thus, functions as a de-constitutive act.

Keywords:nonjudicative, meontology, experience, epistemology, ontology.

Publicația: Studii în hermeneutica pre-judicativă și meontologie

Anul Publicării: 2021