Note către o interpretare meontologică a gândirii lui Lucian Blaga.
Sensuri ale transcendenței și ipostazierea nimicului

Abstract: The following study tackles the possibility of rethinking Lucian Blaga’s concept of transcendence from a meontological point of view. In this purpose, we will analyze the transcendence of the concepts of “mystery” and “the Great Anonymous” and the mechanisms through which the transcendence remains unknowable to human cognition and unimaginable to human creativity. In this way, the two main meanings of transcendence which the philosopher attributes to phenomena in the domains of theoretical knowledge and cultural-artistic creation gain a common ground as meontological hypostasis of the same fundamental manifestation of nothingness.

Keywords: meontology, metaphysics, cosmology, affective hermeneutics, nothingness, mistery

Publicația: Studii de istorie a filosofiei românești, Vol. XIII, Editura Academiei Române, București

Anul Publicării: 2017